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Kachin News Group
Jinghpaw Shiga Dap


Kachin News Group (KNG) is based in Chiang Mai, Thailand and covers news, especially in Kachin State northern Burma as well as the rest of Burma since May 12, 2003.  It was formed by Kachin student leaders, who took part in Burma’s democracy uprising in 1988. The KNG produces online web-based multi-media news such as news, photo news and video news (KNG-TV) for--- Kachins and non-Kachins. The KNG multi-media news is uploaded in three websites in three languages--- English, Kachin and Burmese. The daily news production is done together by three branch offices in New Delhi, India, China-Burma border and Myitkyina, Kachin State.

    "Public work must be known by public"
    "Shawa amu shawa chye ra"

Mission statement
To serve with truth for democracy development in Burma (Myanmar) and our mother land Kachin within the country.

Aims & objectives
   • To present and express the truth
    • To give new acknowledgements to the people                
    • To promote the relationship between government and its citizens
    • To increase the government’s understanding on the role of the media in a democratic society              
    • To provide security to the rights of the community
    • To promote the political view of Kachin people
    • To educate, to entertain, to explain and to reach the democratic goal
    • To preserve ethnic Kachin language in media work

Current activities
   • Daily English news production (www.kachinnews.com).
   • Daily Burmese news production (www.kachinnews.com/burmese)
  • Daily Kachin news production (www.kachinnews.com/kachin)
    • Daily KNG TV News production (www.youtube.com/KachinNewsGroup)
    • Weekly Radio Free Asia (RFA) Kachin program for 20 minutes
    • Bi-monthly Kachin publication (Jinghpaw Nsen magazine)
    • Occasionally issued-based report related to Kachin
    • Woman internship
    • Kachin FM Radio
• RFA-Kachin TV

Joint activities
    • Daily news production with Burma News International (BNI), which comprises 11 independent Burmese media groups in exile
    • Occasionally issue-based reports related to Burma (Myanmar) with BNI
    • 15-minute weekly Free Ethnic Voice Radio (FEVR) production with BNI Voice of America (VOA)
    • Monthly feature audio program for “BNI Women’s Voice”
   • Recruiting and training citizen journalists, stringers and reporters with Internews-Thailand, Burma Relief Centre (BRC), Open Society Institute (OSI) and BNI

Staff and office
The daily news production is jointly done by six staff members and more than 10 inside stringers in the main and branch offices. The main office is based in Chiang Mai, Thailand and its three branch offices are in the Indian capital New Delhi, Sino-Burma border and Kachin State’s capital Myitkyina, northern Burma.


Location mapping staff and stringers


Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB)
Burma News International (BNI)
Radio Free Asia (RFA)-Burmese Service

Contact us
Kachin News Group (KNG)
P.O. Box 17, Maeping Post Office
A-Muang, Chiangmai
Thailand 50301
+ 66 (0) 53111307

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