Title Created Date
Burma army clashes with KIO and its allies in Shan state 25 October 2014
Burma army orders 1,000 from their land in Hpakant, fighting expected 16 October 2014
More villagers vote against Yuzana company in Kachin state's Hugawng Valley 14 October 2014
UNODC defends poppy estimates for Kachin State after critical report 10 October 2014
KIO closes Hukaung amber mines following tensions with Burma army forces 09 October 2014
Pro Myanmar government militias fighting KIO growing opium says rights group 08 October 2014
Tay Za funded Thai chopper searching for Putao climbers goes missing 29 September 2014
Latest round of Burma's peace talks end with little progress 29 September 2014
Burma army detains KIO officer in western Kachin state 24 September 2014
UN expert blames civil society groups for Burma's census trouble 17 September 2014
Burmese tycoon Tay Za joins search for missing climbers in Kachin state 11 September 2014
Clashes between Burma army and the KIO largely reduced, says KIO rep 06 September 2014
UNFC would welcome KNU return to ethnic armed alliance 04 September 2014
KNU chairman walks out of UNFC conference 02 September 2014
NGO worked with Myitsone dam firm to establish Kachin wildlife park in NDA-K area 26 August 2014
KIO's Gun Maw other ethnic leaders meet Suu Kyi 19 August 2014
Repeated clashes between army and KIA in Kachin ruby mine 12 August 2014
Ethnic armed groups summit in Laiza ends with call for federal union 31 July 2014
China denies abandoning Yunnan-Burma rail line 25 July 2014
Burma's ethnic armed groups meet in Laiza for peace conference 24 July 2014
KIA soldier killed by Burma army, 2 KIA officers arrested 14 July 2014
Burmese troops and KIA repeatedly clash in southern Kachin state 24 June 2014
Police question Kachin Baptist leader after peace demonstration 14 June 2014
Villagers in northern Shan state suffer after Tatmadaw's Kachin offensive 11 June 2014
Kachin activists mark third year of war 10 June 2014
Dr. Tu Ja says Burma constitution must be amended but not on Thein Sein's terms 04 June 2014
Outgoing UN rights Envoy to Burma concerned about Kachin situation 02 June 2014
Photo news: KDP party leaders meet IRI in Washington D.C 31 May 2014
Displaced villagers continue to oppose Myitsone Dam 30 May 2014
Kachin civil society groups demand justice from peace process 28 May 2014