Myitkyina University Principal assaults clerk

The Principal of Myitkyina University in Myitkyina the capital of Kachin State in Northern Burma assaulted a woman clerk recently, university students alleged.

On August 9, Principal Dr. Khin Thida slapped and pulled the ear ring of the clerk and she started bleeding. She failed to follow the Principal’s orders to call a lecturer and was assaulted, said university students.

“She (Khin Thida) pulled her ear and slapped her. The clerk was wearing ear rings so she got hurt and started bleeding. She was sent to hospital for treatment,” said another clerk from the university.
However, the clerk did not complain because she was apprehensive of more trouble and punishment instead of getting help.

The Principal shouted at the clerk and said “You should respond immediately when I order you,” another staff quoted her as saying.

The Principal ordered all university lecturers to attend classes from Monday onwards because the Myitkyina based Burmese military junta’s Northern Commander Maj-Gen Soe Win was to visit the university on August 12.

The incident occurred when one of the lecturers was absent from class and Khin Thida ordered the clerk to find the lecturer. But the clerk failed to do so irritating the Principal. So she allegedly assaulted the clerk.

Local people, university students and other university staff members are angry with the incident. Earlier, Dr. Khin Thida abused other staff members. A staff member, who gave birth to a child recently after surgery, was ordered to carry heavy books up the stairs of the office. She was later admitted to hospital because she hurt herself where there were stitches.

“The Principal is arrogant and impudent and has been creating problems but the incidents were not reported,” said university students.

Khin Thida (40) has a Ph.D in Botany from Japan. She was transferred to Myitkyina in 2009, university sources said.