Kachins abroad condemn military offensive on KIA


Kachin people from around the globe have condemned the military offensive by the new Burmese government on the Kachin Independence Army (KIA). Government troops were attacking all ethnic armed groups against the wishes of the people, said the statement released by them.

“We condemn and oppose the Burmese government for using its armed forces and attacking the Kachin people,” said the statement issued by Kachin people from 25 countries including America, Canada, England, Denmark, Japan, Norway, Australia and Holland.
The statement pointed to six major declarations and said they support the KIA’s defense against the Burmese troops since the battle started on June 9. They have pledged to support all KIA’s needs.

They also advised all ethnic armed groups to join hands with KIA and take on the Burmese troops and added that all Kachins living inside Burma should support KIA.

“We seek God’s blessings for those fighting on the front line and sacrificing their lives for the country and for the people,” said the statement.