KIA encourages defection in Burmese Army


In a bid to encourage desertion in the Burmese Army, the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) has welcomed willing Burmese soldiers to join the KIA, in a statement today.

“We are fighting on the front line and if some of the Burmese soldiers want to join us we will warmly welcome them,” said the statement.

The join secretary the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) the political arm of the KIA explaining the statement said, “We have in an order to all battalions said we are doing this because we should.”
kio-statementA KIO officer from the front line said, “This morning we got the order that says we should treat well all Burmese soldiers, who want to desert from the Burmese Army to our side and injured Burmese soldiers would be sent away immediately from the front line.”

The six point statement said KIA was fighting for restoration of a real federal system with political means by ending the regime in Burma, said KIA.

At the same time KIA said they believe if dictatorship or military rule ends then real federalism with freedom and justice can be restored in the country.