Chinese PM faces protests in London

United Kingdom based Kachins, others from the Burmese community and Tibetans protested during the visit of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao to London on June 27 in front of British Prime Minister David Cameron’s house, said an activist.

Prime Minister Wen Jiabao arrived in Britain on June 25 on a three-day visit to UK and has signed a billion dollar trade agreement between the two countries.

Organized by ‘Students for a Free Tibet, UK’, activists and UK-based people from the Burmese community, Kachin people and those showing solidarity demonstrated, said a participant.

Protestors shouted against the military offensive on Kachin State by the Burmese Army because China is an ally of the Burmese government. They also demanded freedom for Tibet.

“During the demonstration Kachin opposition political groups were able to contact organizations opposed to the Chinese government,” said the participant.

Kachins from across the world like United States, United Kingdom, India, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Denmark and Australia held protest demonstrations on June 24 demanding China stop supporting the military backed Burmese government and allow Kachin war refugees to take shelter in China and pressurize the Burmese government to stop attacking Kachin State.

And protestors also demanded that the Burmese Army halt military offensives on Kachin State and urged the international community to help thousands of war refugees, who fled to China border and are without any help from any agency or any organization.

Recently China, which is the main supporter of the Burmese government, allowed the Burmese Army to cross into China and attack and capture the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) headquarters in Laiza located on the China border.

Civil war erupted between KIA and the Burmese Army from June 9 breaking the 17- year ceasefire signed in 1994.

Over 20,000 Kachin war refugees fled to China border since the conflict began, fearing torture, abuse, rape and use as porter by Burmese troops.

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