Heavy rain causes flooding near Myitkyina


myitkyina-flood4Flooding is causing difficulties for residents of Myitkyina, after heavy rain has caused the Irrawaddy (Mali Hka) river water levels to rise since June 23.

One resident whose house is situated beside the river in the Kachin State capital had to move all his belongings to a safer place after heavy rains caused flooding in the upper sections.

According to a resident in a Shatapru quarter, also located beside the river, he’s packing his belongings at night out of fear the water will eventually get into his home.

“It’s still raining. We don’t know when the water will come to our house so we put our things on higher ground,” said the resident.

Flooding is expected to soon reach the town affecting businesses and residents.

Many people living close to the riverbank are Internally Displaced People (IDPs). The IDPs are worried the rising water levels will flood their quarter.

“We moved here to escape the conflict. Now we have to move again because of the flooding. We have to face many difficulties,” said one of the IDPs.

Where the N'Mai and Mali rivers meet near Myitsone, flooding has severely affected jade operations and residences.

Every year, during the raining season, the Irrawaddy River floods Myitkyina.  In 2004, severe flooding killed residents and caused widespread damage to properties.

Flooding this year will make life even harder for the estimated 75,000 IDPs who have been displaced by the ongoing conflict between the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and Burmese military.