Clashes in Shan between KIO and government forces

KIA, one of two non-ceasefire ethnic armed groups in the country, says fighting is often happened whenever the government troops take a military operation in KIA controlled areas in Kachin state and Northern Shan state.

Government troops and forces from the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) clashed for much of the day on Wednesday in northern Shan state, the Kachin news group has learned. Heavy fighting took place near Nam Tau in Pangsai township. Fighting also broke out in Hka Hpawk and Kawng Yaw which are located near Pangsai. Details remain scarce however as most if not all of the phone connections with the area appear to have been cut off.

Today's clashes are a continuation of recent fighting that began two weeks ago in south eastern Kachin state near the Shan/Kachin border. The recent series of fighting appears to be the most serious round of clashes to break out since early last year. This latest round of fighting began whilst Kachin Independence Army's vice chief of staff Brig-Gen Gun Maw, was on a visit to the United States. His visit was an unprecedented visit for a KIO official, a visit that apparently did not please the Tatmadaw.

KIO calls for follow-up meeting with government

Following a meeting of the National Ceasefire Coordination Team, a grouping of representatives from various rebel groups, KIO officials indicated their desire for talks with the central government in Myitkyina in May. It remains unclear if the government will reciprocate the KIO's request.

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