Burma army and KIA fight whole day in southern Kachin state

Burmese soldiers met Kachin refugees in Manwing in last April.

Troops from Burma's military faced off against forces from the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) for nearly the whole day on Thursday at Kyauk Pya located on the Bhamo to Namhkam road, in south eastern Kachin state, KIA officials and local residents tell the Kachin News Group.

Naw La, a resident of Manwing village who witnessed the fighting said that the clashes began at about 8 am and lasted until 5pm.

The clashes began in Kyauk Pya when a convoy of 14 trucks carrying rations and military supplies was passing through the area. The convoy which appeared to be headed to Kai Htik was protected by a large group of soldiers from Light Infantry Division No. 88.

KIA troops from Battalion 1 and 27 under the group's 3rd Brigade were able to halt the convoy's progress. By Thursday evening Burmese troops retreated to nearby Bang Hkam Pa military base. The convoy was still unable to move on Friday according to Zau Shan, a senior officer with the KIA 3rd Brigade.

More fighting is expected if the Tatmadaw tries another push on Kyauk Pya, Zau Shan said.



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