Title Created Date
140 Burma army troops killed in Hpakant blast on August 29 06 September 2012
4 Army soldiers die after battle with KIO in Shan State 03 September 2012
Burmese Army and KIA clash at Myauk Hpyu in Hpakant 29 August 2012
High casualties of Burmese Army in two clashes with KIA 24 August 2012
28 Burma Army troops killed during Kachin fighting last week 13 August 2012
Burma government troops arrest two KIA officers 19 July 2012
Burmese military suffers high casualties after a recent offensive against KIA 18 July 2012
Two dead, six wounded following KIA assault in N.Shan state 09 July 2012
KIO rejects meeting with peace negotiating team in government controlled territories 04 July 2012
KIA and Burmese soldiers killed after a two-day battle 03 July 2012
Two Burmese government soldiers surrender to KIO 20 June 2012
Burma army and KIA battle in five places in Shan state 18 June 2012
KIA Sergeant abducted by Burmese army and publicly beaten 13 June 2012
KIA shut down Burmese military checkpoint in Northern Shan state 04 June 2012
KIA 9th Brigade ambush government military trucks 31 May 2012
4 Burma army soldiers killed in Shan state clash 16 May 2012
KIA creates new battalion near Pangwa 15 May 2012
2 Burma army soldiers dead after Myitsone dam clash 14 May 2012
Kachin army takes control of key Burma army post on Putao route 11 May 2012
12 Burma soldiers die in KIA attack in southern Kachin state 08 May 2012
KIA controls Laja Yang checkpoints on Myitkyina-Bhamo route 28 April 2012
KIA mine injure seven Burmese soldiers in Hpakant jade mine area 27 April 2012
Kachin forces capture Burma army checkpoint in N.Shan state 06 April 2012
4 Burma soldiers fall in battle on election day in N.Shan state 03 April 2012
Fighting resumes after Kachin talks falter 13 March 2012