High casualties of Burmese Army in two clashes with KIA


Friday, August 24 — More than 20 Burmese government soldiers were killed in two separate clashes with Kachin forces in areas about 15 miles south of Laiza. The attacks were confirmed by KIO officers in their Laiza headquarters.  In the morning, at least 10 soldiers in Burma’s Lighit Infantry Battalion (LIB) No. 438 were killed, and over 15 were injured from heavy mine explosions set off by Kachin Independence Army (KIA) troops at Tingnyit Village near the Munglai Hka Stream.  That same day near the Munglai Hka Stream, KIA soldiers and KIA militia (MHH) at Lungja Kawng carried out a similar attack.  According to KIA officers, more than 10 Burmese soldiers from Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) No. 601 were killed and a dozen injured.  No KIA soldiers were killed in the two clashes, said KIA officers in Laiza.



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